Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First Day of School

Yesterday was Mikaela and Eli's first day of public school.

And they had a blast!

I was worried about Eli, because he's never been to any formal school before and he's kind of a "mama's boy". He doesn't want to go anywhere without me lately. He was nervous before we went, but when we got to his class, he hung up his backpack and sat down where the teacher showed him, and waved bye-bye to me! I was just standing there, because I expected tears and protests, and he just waved at me! The teacher said, 'He's going to be okay, but is mommy going to be ok?' I was okay! I left and I was okay! I had to go back and bring him a few things he needed, and he just waved at me again. The teacher said, "You've done a good job with him! He knows it all!" That made mama proud!

Mikaela is being tested, but they're letting her go ahead and start 2nd grade because they're pretty confident she'll test at the right level. Which she will, because she's smart! She loved school, and I wasn't worried about her because she is confident in who she is, and she's outgoing, and she's a good kid!

They both talked my ear off about school, and Mikaela had homework. We have a little catching up to do in math, because they were ahead of where we were, but other than that, she's doing great!

Eli was up, dressed and had his backpack on before 7 this morning! Mikaela had the same enthusiasm! Thank you Jesus for wonderful children who are thriving!

I am going to enjoy my time with Mercie, I can already tell. She's a sweet baby and we had a blast yesterday. She was staring at me earlier this morning and I said "Do you need something?" And she said, "I just looking at you, Mama. I love you." And I almost starting crying! I grabbed her and hugged her so tight! It's these moments that make life worth all the trouble!


Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

I knew that kids would be fine because you have done such a great job with them already.

Mercie just brought tears to my eyes! She is so precious and i know that did your mama heart some good!

Anonymous said...

YAY! I'm so happy Eli and Mikaela liked school! I knew they would both do GREAT! Mercie is such a sweetie!