Thursday, January 13, 2011

Feeling Better!

Oh man am I feeling better! I am so thanful that I woke up today without a headache! A headache can really get you's hard to move when your head is pounding! I have a cough and a sore throat, but other than that I'm much better! Thank You, Jesus!

Eli stayed home from school today because he was running fever this morning. He's napping right now, and seems to be feeling fine. He'll go to school tomorrow.

Mercie's better, too. She has been sleeping well without coughing. She is also napping right now.

Silas has a cough, but he has been much more agreeable today. He also slept much better last night. He is also napping right now.

So while all 3 littles are napping, what is Mommy doing?

Folded a load of clothes.
Made daddy a gallon of sweet tea. (a neccessity each day)
Swept the floor.
Picked up toys.
Started a load of clothes in washer, then transfered to dryer.
Went through a pile of mail.
Thought about scrubbing the pan from dinner last night.....but decided it needed to soak a little longer. :)

I am also thinking about this little face:
I have been seeing alot of this face the past few days. But I'm so glad he's feeling better.
As I was rocking him to sleep earlier, I was staring at his adorable face. The way he sucks on his lips as he's falling asleep. (cute, I know) The way his eyes roll up in his head as he attempts to stay awake. The way his fist always finds his hair, pulling it, playing with it, rubbing it. The way he finally gives up staying awake, and gives in to sleep.

There is nothing in the world like rocking a baby to sleep.

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