Monday, November 29, 2010

Our Morning in Pictures

I thought I'd take pictures of most of what we do in the morning for school. Just for those of you who may wonder what exactly our 'school' looks like. This is not everyday, of course. Some days we do more of something, some days we may not do as much of something, some days we may just do crafts or games. This is just what we did today.

 Mikaela and Eli working on their math worksheets. Eli was using wooden sticks as manipulatives on some of the problems.

 I found these magnetic numbers and math figures at the Dollar Tree, and we use them on cookie sheets. I put a problem and he puts the answer, or he just puts the whole problem and answer.
 Mercie playing with wooded magnetic letters (melissa and doug).
 Eli put together the puzzle of the United States. I bought this because they were having a hard time grasping the concept of city, state, country. Eli calls it the world puzzle, and I'm trying to get him to understand that the US is not the whole world. Guess I need to get a world puzzle too!
 Mercie in the play room playing a diego matching game. One of the few moments she has been quiet and still all day! :)
 Mikaela and Eli working on math puzzles. Got these for $5.00

 Eli's handwriting. Pretty good X's, don't ya think?
 Loooove these books. This one is the 1st grade level we jus started today. Mud wasps and paper wasps. Pretty interesting, and well written for young children.
 Also love this book. It's what we are using for history right now. Stories of life in England and on the voyage to America and Holland and various places in search of religious freedom. Very captivating stories.

 We started Foundations by Anne Elliott for our Bible Study each day. We have a memory verse each week and on Mondays they illustrate it. This weeks is 2 Timothy 3:16-17 (we are only going to memorize 16 though.). Eli drew a church because I explained the concept of doctrine. Mikaela drew Noah's family because the verse says 'righteousness' and she remembered that Noah was found righteous. Pretty smart kids. Oh and Mercie drew a church, too.

 Mercie helped me cook lunch today. Cheese toast! It's just miracle whip on wheat bread with a slice of american cheese, baked until crunchy. We usually have it for breakfast, but I figured it was just like a cheese sandwhich.

A few things I didnt get pictures of :
Mikaela wrote a book report on Junie B. Jones, "Aloha-ha-ha"
Mikaela did her spelling
Eli and I did 'phonics' with the wooden magnetic letters and magnetic board. I would give him a word to spell like 'pig' and he would spell it. Then I would tell him to make it 'big' and then 'beg' etc. It shows him how the letters and blends work together. We have stopped using his phonics book for right now because it jumps from sounds to reading in one lesson! We aren't ready for that yet. He enjoys this better, anyway.

Like I said, we don't follow lesson plans or anything. We just work on what we need to work on and move on when we're ready and read about what interests us at this particular moment.


All thats real !! said...

Meg, you are an amazing Mother and Wife ! But even more you are an amazingly beautiful person inside and out and i thank God to have you as my daughter. (in-law) I love you very much. Thank you for loving me back. Risa (maw maw )

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Hey babe - if i were a kid, i would definitely want to be in your class! you are a fabulous mom and i love you so much. you must have a pretty great mother.. haha!