Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Family Bed

The older I get, the more and more my views change. I can remember not too long ago when I couldn't even imagine sharing MY bed with babies.  And last night, as I lay next to my sweet Silas, and glanced over at Mercie on his other side, and my hubby squished against the wall on the other side of me, I felt joy!

Joy at knowing my youngest daughter felt comfort in our bed. She doesn't always sleep with us; she starts out in her toddler bed in the room she shares with Mikaela. But there are some nights she just needs that security, that comfort of being next to us.

Joy at knowing my sweet baby can roll over and nurse whenever he wakes up hungry, or just the comfort of nursing for a few minutes to get himself back to sleep. Joy at knowing he feels safe and warm next to Mommy.

It's not always comfortable when you have 4 (sometimes 5 and sometimes even 6) bodies in a bed, even if it a king size bed. I wouldn't have it any other way. One day, they will be too old to even want to climb in our bed. One day, they will have their own bed with their own blessings crawling in it with them!

I have learned to cherish the moments when I am rocking Silas to sleep. Yes, rocking him to sleep each time he needs a nap, each night before bedtime. A few years ago, that would be unheard of to me! "He needs to learn to put himself to sleep." "He is too spoiled." A few phrases you might have heard me to say.  Now? Now I realize that you can't spoil a baby. You can't hold a baby too much. You can't give a baby enough comfort and love. So what if he needs to be rocked? I love to rock him! It's the time I can sit and enjoy the smell of his hair, the way his fist grabs my shirt, the way he'll look at me with his sleepy grin, and the way he looks as he's sleeping. So peaceful. So content.

I am just treasuring the moments because they are quickly slipping through my fingers. Each day that goes by, I just want to bottle it and save it. My children are growing so fast. Mikaela will be 8 years old the 23 of this month! Eli is 5. Mercie will be 3 in February. Silas is 4.5 months.


Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

My sweet daughter - you give me such joy as I see the amazing young woman that God has grown you up to be! All glory to Him for the work He has done and is doing in your life!

I love you and you bless me so! And I love those grandyoungin's so!

All thats real !! said...

Meg, you've adopted my feelings to the "T". All of my kids slept with us when they were little until there was no more room left in our king size bed. And i would go back and do it all over again cause i look back and feel that i did'nt bottle enough of those moments. It means everything to have your kids close and know they are safe. Its not always easy when they are grown and living their own life and you wish they would call and say Hey Mom i'm "ok" today. But hold them babies close for as long as you can. Someday you may be rockin but like me it may be the dog in your lap !!! LOL I love you guys and I love all my babies too. I can't wait for yall to be across the road from me so i can be there to help you and whenever you need me !! Have a beautiful day my sweet Meg !