Wednesday, December 29, 2010


We had a fun Christmas. Actually, we had 5 fun Christmases! We celebrated with Rod's dad, grandma, his 2 baby brothers, and his brother and wife on Thursday morning. Thursday night, we went to Rod's mom's and stepdad's. Friday we went to Rod's other grandma's. Saturday we had Christmas morning at our house, went to my grandparent's for lunch, and my mom and dad's after that. We made some good memories, as always, and Rod videotaped everything!
The kids before opening gifts Christmas morning. Silas was still asleep, and *gasp* we started the festivities without him! Don't worry,  he woke up half way into opening presents, so he didn't miss everything.
 Eli wanted some legos so bad, and he has really enjoyed building with them.
 Mercie needed her OWN scooter , or "tooter" as she calls it.
 Mikaela wanted a horse for her American girls. Rod also made Mercie and Mikaela a bed for their dolls.
 Silas got this train, but Mercie and Eli have had a blast playing with it!
 Thier stockings, stuffed full.

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Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Great pictures of some pretty terrific kiddos! And I must say that those are some beautiful stockings... ha!