Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My First Post

I guess I will start my first post by introducing us to you! I'm Megan and those four gorgeous children above are Mikaela (7), Eli (5), Mercie (2), and Silas (4 months).  We are a homeschooling family trying to raise our children with a solid foundation of faith. We are eclectic, using pieces of what we like, are interested in, and what works for us. It's a learning process, and I am still learning!

We use Christian Liberty Press for math and spelling and phonics, Bob Jones for Mikaela's English, and different things for history, science, social studies, and whatever else strikes our interest. We only have about 1 hour of "formal" learning, but how formal can you get when you have a 2 year old running around and a baby wanting to nurse and a 5 year old who hates, absolutely hates, handwriting and a 7 year old full of questions!! I am slowly figuring out that Eli doesn't have to learn how to print with a pencil just yet, a marker or crayon works fine as long as he is learning how to correctly print them. He doesn't have to read before 1st grade, as long as he's learning his sounds and some words. Mikaela doesn't like math, so although she's technically in 2nd grade, we are in 1st grade level math. Which is fine with me, because she is so smart in everything, especially English, and loves to read. She reads all the time. American Girl books, Boxcar Children books, her Bible (which is not a story Bible, although she does read those to her little brother and sister). The rest of the day we spend cleaning the house and doing chores (which teaches them work ethic among many things), cooking (and little hands love to help), reading books, playing games, talking and joking, and of course they love to play outside.

I just wanted to keep a record of what we are doing and learning and maybe it will interest or help someone else on their homeschool journey!

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